The Complete Works List of Maurice Ravel
L' Intégrale Catalogue d'Opus de Maurice Ravel

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Stage Works Intérieur Interior (1890- ) ...Text: Maurice Maeterlinck. Opera. Only ketches are left.

Olympia (1898-1899) ...Opera. Fragments only. Some contents seem to be diverted to 'Time of Spain'.

Les bayadères The dancers (1900) {sop, choir, orch}...Text: Auteur Inconnu. Subscribed to Prix de Rome (Roman Prize) but defeated.

Myrrha (1901) {3vo, orch}...His only prize-winning work in Prix de Rome (3'rd prize) The winner is Caplet. Text: Fernand Beissier (Original text: Lord Byron)

Tout est lumière All is in gleam (1901) {sop, choir, orch} ...Subscribed to Prix de Rome. Text: Auteur Inconnu.

La nuit A night (1902) {sop, choir, orch} ...Subscribed to Prix de Rome. Text: Auteur Inconnu.

Alcyone (1902) {3vo, orch} ...Subscribed to Prix de Rome. Text: Edouard Adenis.

Matinée de Provence Morning in Province (1903) {sop, choir, orch} ...Subscribed to Prix de Rome. Text: Auteur Inconnu.

Alyssa (1903) {sop, tnr, btn, orch} ...Subscribed to Prix de Rome. Text: Marguerite Coiffier.

L'aurore An Aurora (1905) {tnr, choir, orch} ...The last subscribed work to Prix de Rome (because his age becomes 30).

La cloche engloutie A sunk gong (1906-1912) {vo, choir, orch}...Opera. Imspired by the text of Gehrardt Hauptmann. Only Sketches are left.

L' heure Espagnole A time of Spain (1907-1909) {sop, tnr, btn, bass, 3fl, 3ob, 3cl, 2bssn, sarrusophone, 4hrn, 2tp, 3tb, tba, 2timbal, perc, timbre, castagnettes, claquette, fouet, xylophone, metronome, celesta, 2hrp, 2vln, vla, vc, b}...Opera. Text: Franc-Nohain. Transcription for vocal with piano accompaniment (1907) also exists.

Daphnis et Chloé Daphnis and Chloé (1909-1911) {choir, orch} ...Under the request of Ballet Russe (Russian Ballet). Based on the pastorales in Greek era. Extracted suite version also exists.

Adélaïde, ou le langage des fleurs Adélaïde, or language of flowers (1912) {orch}...Based on 'valses nobles et séntimentales'.

L' enfant et les sortilèges A child and sorcery (1920-1925) {sop, msp, tnr, bass, choir, child-choir, 3fl, 3ob, 4cl, 3bssn, 4hrn, 3tp, 3tb, tba, timbal, eoliphone, crotales, xylophone, celeste, hrp, wood block, claquet, tam, perc, p, 2vln, vla, vc, b (et al.)} ...Text: Colette. Fantasic drama in 2 acts describes communications of child and interior / animals.

Portrait de l'infante Portrait of the princess (1923)...Autograph in 25 pages. Comissoned by Sonia Pavlov (opera-comique). This ballet music is known only as composer's indication in the letter to Jacques Durand (1923. 9. 8). Ravel mentioned to apply his Pavane for the dead princess and Morning song of a clown for this comission. This was found in 1977 by an individual buyer in Paris.
FanfareFanfare extracted from Jeanne's Fan (1927) {piccolo, 2fl, 2ob, e-hrn, 3cl (1=small), b-cl, 2bssn, counter-bssn, 4hrn, cornet, 3tp, 3tb, tba, 3sax, 3timb, 2tamb, cymbal, tam, celesta, hrp, 2vln, vla, vc, b}...Ballet music. Ravel was allocated to 'Fanfare' part of a collaborated work 'Jeanne's Fan'.

Dédale VI (1929) ...Mentioned by the composer in the letter to Ms.Casella (1929. 12. 27). However there is no further information.
Morgiane (1932) ...Oratorio for dance. Sketches are left.
Orchestral Ouverture de féerie 'shéhérazade' Overture to a fantasy 'Shéhérazade' (1898) {3 fl, 3ob, 2cl, 3bssn, sarrusophone, 4hrn, 4tp, 3tb, tba, timbal, perc, celesta, 2hrp, 2vln, vla, vc, b} ...Composed as the overture of an opera in the same title (not completed). Original score is in piano duo form?

Rapsodie Espagnole Spanish rhapsody (1907-1908) {2piccolo, 2fl, e-hrn, 4hrn, 2cl, b-cl, 3bssn, sarrusophone, 3tp, 3tb, tba, 4timbal, grosse caisse, cymbal, triangle, Basque tambour, castagnet, tambour, tam, xylophone, celesta, 2hrp, 2vln, vla, vc, b} ...Originally for piano duo (1907).
1) prélude de la nuit prelude for a night
2) malaguena
3) habanera
4) feria

La valse - poème chorégraphique A waltz: choreographic poem (1919-1920) {3fl, 3ob, 3cl, 3bssn, 4hrn, 3tp, 3tb, tba, 3timbal, jeu de timbre, crotales, castanet, tam, 2hrp, 2vln, vla, vc, b, perc} ...Composed to praise Vienna waltz. The first performance was choreographer B.F. Nizinska. Piano solo version (1920), piano duo (1920), two pianos (1920) by Ravel arrangements also exist.

Boléro (1928) {piccolo, 2fl, 2ob, e-hrn, 3cl (1=small), b-cl, 2bssn, counter-bssn, 4hrn, cornet, 3tp, 3tb, tba, 3sax, 3timb, 2tamb, cymbal, tam, celesta, hrp, 2vln, vla, vc, b} ...Composed under the request of a famous dancer, Ida Rubinstein. Forms, tonality, and rhythms are all do not altered. Therefore this composition sometimes seems that his acceptance of the limitation of tonal music. piano in four hands (1929) exists.
Concerto Zasp iak-bat Zasp-iak-bat: Piano concerto by Basque-rooted theme (1906) ...Only sketches left.

Tzigane (rapsodie de concert) (1924) {vln, p / vln, 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, 2bssn, 2hrn, 2tp, triangle, timb, cymbal, celesta, hrp, 2vln, vla, vc, b} ...The title 'Tzigane' means Gypsy. This was composed in Hungarian Gypsy music manner. Original version is for violin with piano accompaniment.
Concerto pour piano et orchestre en sol majeur Piano concerto in G major (1929-1931) {p, piccolo, fl, ob, e-hrn, 2cl, 2bssn, 2hrn, tp, tb, 2timb, tamb, piatti, grosse caisse, tam, wood-block, frusta, hrp, 2vln, vla, vc, b} ...Composed for the composer's 2'nd performance tour in America. Piano duo version (1932: arrangement by Ravel) also exists.
1) allegramente
2) adagio assai
3) presto

Concerto pour la main gauche Concerto for the left hand (1929]1930) {p, piccolo, 2fl, 2ob, e-hrn, 3cl, b-cl, 2bssn, counter-bssn, 4hrn, 3tp, 3tb, tba, timbal, triangle, tamb, piatti, grosse caisse, wood-block, tam, hrp, 2vln, vla, vc, b} ...Composed under the request of a pianist Paul Wittgenstein who lost his right arm because of the world war. There was very difficult cadenza (piano solo part) in the middle of the concerto. Wittgenstein could not play the cadenza so he changed the score in the first performance (that made Ravel disappointed). The first performance in original score was performed by Jacques Fevrier in 1933.
1) lento
2) allegro
Chamber Sonate posthume pour violon et piano Violin sonata 'Posthumous work' (1897) {vln, p} one movement. To distinguish this from the other sonata (1927) in the same title, this one generally called 'posthume'. The custom stands for the episode that the manuscript was left and ignored until 1975 even though this work had performed by Ravel and Georges Enescu in Paris Conservatory informally.

Quartuor à cordes en fa majeur String quartet in F major (1902-1903) {2vln, vla, vc}
1) allegro moderato
2) assez vif, très rythmé
3) très lent
4) vif et agité

Introduction et allegro Introduction and allegro(1907) {hrp, fl cl, 2vln, vla, vc}

Trio pour piano, violon et violoncelle Piano trio (1914) {p, vln, vc}
1) modéré
2) pantoum
3) passacaille
4) final

Le tombeau de Claude Debussy Claude Debussy's tomb (1920) {vln, vc}

Sonate pour violon et violoncelle (1920-1922) {vln, vc} ...The first movement is transcribed from 'Debussy's Tomb'.
1) allegro
2) très vif
3) lent
4) vif, avec entrain

Berceuse sur le nom de Gabriel Fauré Lullaby in the name of Gabriel Fauré (1922) {vln, p} ...dedicated to C. Roland Manuel.

Sonate pour violon et piano (1923-1927) {vln, p} ...The second movement adopt blues diction.
1) allegretto
2) blues
3) perpetuum mobile
Piano Duo
or Solo
Sérénade grotesque (1892-1893) {p}...published in 1975.

Menuet antique (1895) {p}...Ravel orchestrated this in 1929.

Les sites auriculaires The soundscapes (1895-1897) {2p} ...Habanera was transcribed to a movement in 'Spanish Rhapsody'.
1) habanera
2) entre cloches

La parade (1896) {p}...Text: Antonine Meunier. Planned as a suite in two waltzes, two marches and a mazurka.

Valse en ré majeur Waltz in D major (1898) {p}

Pavane pour une infante défunte Pavane for a dead princess (1899) {p}...Orchestrated by Ravel in 1910. It is said that the princess is Spanish because the word 'infante (princess)' derived from 'infanta' in Spanish although the details are unclear.

Fugue à quatre voix, en fa majeur Fugue in four voices in D major (1900) {p} ...dated on 5/31. For assignment of henri Reber's class.

Jeux d'eau Play of water (1901) {p}...The piece Ravel established the impressionistic diction inspiring various water formation of a fountain.

Sonatine (1903-1905) {p}
1) modéré
2) menuet
3) animé

Menuet en do dièse mineur (1904)

Miroirs Mirrors (1904]1905) {p}...As for 'noctuelles' and 'une barque sur l'ocean', orchestrated edition also exist. 'alborada del gracioso' is othen played as a piece.
1) noctuelles
a moth
2) oisseaux tristes
a sad bird
3) une barque sur l'océan
a boat in ocean
4) alborada del gracioso
morning of a clown
5) la valle des cloches
a valley of gongs

Gaspard de la nuit A night in Gaspard (1908) {p} ...Imspired by the poems with the same title written by Aloysius Bertrand.
1) ondine
water nymph
2) la gibet
a gallows
3) scarbo
scarbo (a small demon)
Ma mère l'oye Mother goose (1908-1910) {2p / piccolo, fl, ob, e-hrn, 2cl, bssn, c-bssn, 2hrn, 2timbal, triangle, cymbal, grosse caisse, tam, xylophone, celesta, hrp, 2vln, vla, vc, b} ...Imspired by Charles Perrault. The orchestrated ballet music version attaching interludes was composed in 1911.
1) pavane de la belle au bois dormant
pavane for the princess in the sleeping woods
2) petit poucet
a thumb boy
3) Laideronette, impératrice pagodes
Laideronette, the princess of pagoda
4) les entretiens de la belle et de la bête
comversation between a beauty and beast
5) le jardin féerique
a garden of fairys

Menuet sur le nom d'Haydn Menuet in the name of Haydn (1909) {p}

Valses nobles et sentimentales Noble and sentimental waltzes (1910) {p / 2fl, 3ob, 2cl, 2bssn, 4hrn, 2tp, 3tb, tba, 2timbal, celesta, jeu de timbre, 2hrp, 2vln, vla, vc, b, perc} ...Partly transcribed from 'adelaide..'. First performance in a concert of Indipendent Music Association. Then, he was sarcastic to the followers by concealing the composer's name and let the audience to specify the composer's name. Orchestrated by Ravel in 1912.
1) modéré
2) assez lent
3) modéré
4) assez animé
5) presque lent
6) vif
7) moins vif
8) épilogue: lent

'A la manière de...' 'In a manner of...' (1913) {p} ...Two pieces. 'in a manner of Chabrier' and 'in a manner of Borodine'.

Prélude (1913) {p}

Le tombeau de Couperin Couperin's tomb (1914-1917) {p}...a 6 pieces suite in quasi-classical form. Dedicated to his friends died by the world war 1. Orchestrated by Ravel in 1919.
1) prélude
2) fugue
3) forlane
4) rigaudon
5) menuet
6) toccata

Frontispiece (1918) {2p}...A tune for two pianos with five hands.
Songs Ballade de la reine morte d' aimer Ballade for a princess died for love (1894) {vo, p} ...Poem: Roland de Marès.

Un grand sommeil noir Dark and infinite sleep (1895) {vo, p}...Poem: Paul Verlaine.

Sainte Saint lady (1896) {vo, p}...Poem: Stéphane Mallarmé.

Chanson du rouet Song of spinning wheel (1898) {vo, p} ...Poem: C.M. Leconte de lisle.

Si morne! How depressing! (1899) {vo, p} ...Poem: E. Verharlen.

Deux epigrammes de Clément Marot Two satires of Clement Marot (1896-1899) {vo, p}
1) d'Anne qui me jecta de la neige Anne, throwing a snowball to me
2) d'Anne jouant de l'espinette
Anne, playing spinet

Manteau de fleurs Flower mantle (1903) {vo, p} ...Poem: Paul Gravollet. Orchestrated by Ravel (orchestra with chorus).

Shéhérazade Shéhérazade (1903) {msp, orch} ...Poem: Tristan Klingsor = Léon Leclère.
1) Asie
2) la flûte enchante
a magical flute
3) l'indifferent
an indifferent man

Le noël des jouets Christmas of toys (1905) {vo, p} ...Poem by Ravel. Orchestration (1906) and revision (1913).

Cinq mélodies populaires Grecques Five Greek poems (1904-1906) {vo, p} ...5 pieces. originally 8 pieces, inspired by translated edition of Popular Greek Poems (1907: trans. M.D. Calvocoressi). but 3pieces were lost. First and fifth one were orchestrated by Ravel.
1) le réveil de la mariée the bride's awakening
2) là-bas, vers l'église
down there, by the church
3) quel galant m'est comparable?
is there a suitor to compare with me?
4) chanson des cueilleuses de lentisques
song of the lentisk gatherers
5) tout gai!
full of fun!
Histoires naturelles Natural history (1906) {vo, p}...Poem: Jules Renard.
1) le paon
the peacock
2) le grillon
the cricket
3) le cygne
the swan
4) le martin-pêcheur
the kingfisher
5) la pintade
the Guinea-hen

Les grands vents venus d' outre-mer Winds from the sea (1907) {vo, p} ...Poem: Henri de Régnier.

Sur l'herbe On the grass (1907) {vo, p} ...Poem: Paul Verlaine.

Vocalise-étude en forme de habanera Vocalise-study in habanera form (1907) {vo, p} ...No poem.Violin sonata version by F. Kleisler.

Tripatos (1909) {vo, p} ...Folk songs translation by Calvocoressi.

Chants populaires Popular songs (1910) {vo, p} ...Five pieces. consist of Spanish, French, Italian, Hebraic, and Scottish songs.Originally Flanders and Russian songs are also enclosed and seven songs in total. But the latter two songs were lost.

Trois poèmes de Stéphane Mallarmé Three poems of Stéphane Mallarmé (1913) {vo, picco, fl, cl, b-cl, 2vln, vla, vc}...vocal with piano accompaniment version also exists (1913).
1) soupir
2) placet futile
futile hope
3) surgi de la croupe et du bond
go out from buttocks and jump up

Deux mélodies Hébraïques Two Hebraic songs (1914) {vo, p}

Trois chansons Three songs (1914-1915) ...unaccompanied mixed chorus. Poem by Ravel. Voval with piano accompaniment version also exists (1915).
1) Nicolette
2) trois beaux oiseaux du paradis
three beautiful birds in heaven
3) ronde

Ronsard à son âme Ronsard, for your Soul (1923-1924) {vo, p / 2fl, 2ob, 2cl, bssn, vib, tam, p, 2vln, vla, vc, b} ...Poem: Pierre de Ronsard. Orchestration by Ravel (1935).

Chansons Madécasses Madagascar folkSongs (1925-1926) {vo, fl, vc, p} ...Poem: Evariste-Désiré Parny de Forges.
1) nahandove
2) aoua!
3) repos - il est doux
rest: how confortable

Rêves Dreaming (1927) {vo, p} ...Poem: Léon-Paul Fargue.

Don Quichotte à Dulchinée Don Quihotte loves Dulchinée (1932-1933) {vo, 2fl, 3ob, 2cl, hrn, tp, castanet, vib, hrp, 2vln, vla, vc, b}...Poem: Paul Morand.
1) chanson romanesque
song in romanesque manner
2) chanson épique
epic song
3) chanson à boire
song for cheers
Mouvement de sonate Sonata in a movement (1888) {p}...subscript for Berio's class excercise. Do not exist.

Variations sur un thème de Grieg Variation in a theme of Grieg (1888) {p} ...subscript for Berio's class excercise.

Variations sur un thème de Schumann Variation in a theme of Schumann (1888) {p} ...subscript for Berio's class excercise.

Fugue (1899) {p}...subscript for excercise of Prix de Rome. Do not exist.
Calliirhoe (1900)...cantata. subscript for excercise of Prix de Rome in 1899. Do not exist. Callirhoe is a name of princess from an ancient legend.

Fugue en ré majeur Fugue in D major (1900) {p}...subscript for excercise of Prix de Rome. 4 pages.
Prélude et fugue Prelude and Fugue (1900) {p} ...subscript for excercise in composition class of Paris Conservatory (January). Do not exist.
Fugue en fa majeur Fugue in F major (1902) {p}...subscript for excercise of Prix de Rome. 6 pages.
Semiramis (1902) ...Cantata. excercise in composition class of Paris Conservatory. Do not exist.
Fugue in Bb major (1902) {p}...For subscribing Prix de Rome committee, with 'Alcyone' and 'La nuit'. 6 pages, unpublished.
Fugue en mi mineurFugue in E minor (1903) {p}...Prix de Rome subscription, with 'Alyssa' and 'Province Morning' 4 Pages. Unpublished.
Fugue en do majeur Fugue in C major (1905)
Suite Français French suite (1914)...Indicated in the letter to Roland-Manuel (1914. 10. 1). Ravel then intended to compose a suite for dance. It consisted of at least two movements, Forlane and Gigue. As you know the idea is not realized, but the former was later applied to Couperin's Tomb.
Le grand meaulnes Meaulne, the general (1914) ...Based on Henri Alain-Fournier's novel published in 1913. Planned in 1914 (According to Myers 1960. Stockenschmidt mentioned it was in 1916, and probably the latter is correct) when he was in a hospital. some mentioned that was for cello and orchestra (or viola and piano) whereas others mentioned that was for piano solo and based on Gaspard de la Nuit. Some claims that should be for viola asserted the work effect the mood of Couperin's Tomb. However, the work is never realized (could be composed) and no further information is available.
L'éventail de Jeanne Jeanne's fan (-) {2p} ...Collection of Taverne. 1 page fragment.
Mazurka (-)...Taverne collection. 1 page fragment.
Barcarolle (-)...Taverne collection, 1 page fragment.
Sur l'eau By the Waterfront (-) {vo, orch} ...Collection Taverne, 1 page fragment.
Chanson écossaise Scottish Chanson (-) {vo, p} ...Collection Taverne, 1 page fragment.
Les patineuses Skaters (-) {vo, p} ...Collection Taverne, 1 page fragment.
Prélude Prelude for 'Interior' (-)...Text: Merterlink sketch of his stage work 'interior' (see above).
ésquisse (symphonie) Sketch for the Symphony (-) {orch} ...With applying developmental section of his trio, he intended to write a symphony. Collection Taverne, 1 page fragment.
Le ciel est, pardesus le toit On heaven, everything is below (-) {vo, p} ...Poem by Verlaine, 4 pages.
Suite pour deux pianos Suite for Two Pianos (-) {2p} ...Collection Taverne, first piano part is missing. 22 pages.
Trio (-)..Collection Taverne. Although the work is almost complete, it is unclear whether this trio is the same as the trio indicated above.
Les chansons du valois Songs of Valois (-) ...Ravel asked Jean Marnord to gave him some materials because he was planning to compose this song cycle. No further information is available.
Passacaille (-) {3 inst.} ...For three instruments. 1 page fragment. R.O. Lehman collection.
Farfadets Funny Fairies (-)...1 page manuscript. Part of R.O.Lehman collection.
Fugato (-)...1 page manuscript. Part of R.O. Lehman collection.
La nonne maudite A Damnatory Nun (-) ...1 page manuscript. Part of R.O.Lehman collection.
Fioretti (-) ...Based on Italian poet Canudo's 'St.Francesco of Assisi'. Ravel seemed to write a very beginning part of it. Falla believed that should be adapted later onto the finale of Ma Mere L'oye.

Initially based on :
Nichols, R. 1977. Ravel. UK: Dent & Sons.
Currently in Revision Process with referring to : Larner, G. 1996. Maurice Ravel. London: Phaidon.
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uploaded in 2000. 9. 30 : 2'nd revised in 2000 12. 5 : revised overall in 2002 12. 31 : English trans. 2003. 7. 6.
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